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About Crestwood Real Estate

For more than 25 years, Crestwood Real estate has provided impeccable service to buyers and sellers. We specialize in residential transactions and representing investors and builders locate and negotiate deals to purchase single family homes in the Metro Detroit area. We are proud to have a team of professionals, who passionately share your goal to find the home or investment that is right for you.

Crestwood agents are trained and educated real estate professionals, who are experts in contract negotiation. Our agents provide intelligent direction, skillful execution, and a high level professionalism from start to finish. Whether you are looking for the perfect home, selling your home, or looking to invest, Crestwood can offer an array of resources to suit your specific needs and assist you in making an informed decision.

We understand what it takes to achieve a successful transaction. With Crestwood by your side, you can be certain that your real estate transaction is professionally and properly managed. Our expert staff coupled with our unique marketing techniques amplifies our ability to provide you with a positive and successful experience.



Professionalism and delivering an exceptional client experience is paramount at Crestwood Real Estate. We make a difference in your real estate buying and selling experience by providing sincere effort, intelligent direction, and executing in a skillful manner. Our real estate agents are committed to understanding your individual needs and preferences. As your Crestwood representative, we aim to exceed your expectations and provide you with excellent service. We understand that your success is our success.


At Crestwood, we understand that the relationships we create play a fundamental role in building our reputation. Our agents are committed to delivering service tailored to your individual needs and providing you with a high degree of professionalism and expert knowledge. At Crestwood, you can rest assure that your transactions are in great hands.


Crestwood Real estate takes a unique approach to marketing your property. We develop innovative strategies and integrate the technologies that drive the housing market today. Our marketing expertise goes beyond just the traditional MLS and online marketing. We also utilize direct mail, targeted lists, and social media, etc. to generate interest in your properties. With crestwood’s marketing acumen, you can be confident that your target market is properly reached and you can maximize your return on investment.


Meet the Broker

Bob Squiers is an entrepreneurial individual with a commitment to excellence. He received a degree from Wayne State University and has been a broker for over 22 years. Mr Squiers established an impressive resume buying and selling real estate and representing investors in the Metro Detroit area. Having worked for one of the largest real estate investors in the 1990s and having personally negotiated, bought, and sold over 2000 properties earned Mr. Squiers an exceptional reputation as a top Metro Detroit broker as well as several awards and accolades. He was named in the Top 5% of Realtors in Metro Detroit for 2013 by Hour Magazine. His marketing expertise and business acumen amplifies his ability to execute successful transactions. Mr. Squiers and his team are experts in the Metro Detroit area and are committed to advocating on your behalf.